Howdy Y'All

We are so pleased that you are here. Welcome to our cyber-home! 

This is our newest website for Terra Cottage Ceramics: Home of The Mud Poet. We are Michael & Victoria Terra and this is where you are going to find all the TMI (too much information) that we can figure out how to post up here for all the world to gander at. Victoria is especially like that.

Look around: meander through our blog, read everything that you could ever possibly want to know about us & Michael's Mud Poetry, watch a few videos, fantasize about becoming one of our glorious studio assistants, take a peek at all of our projects, wander through the gallery & purchase your own piece of ‘Mud Poetry’, and-most importantly-have a general good time!

Thanks for visiting. We hope to return the favor someday.

Video Shmideo

Hey All...
We make videos about all sorts of stuff from dealing with Michael's Mud Poetry to our travels on the road. Here is a our selection for the time being. This is one of Victoria's videos of Michael doing a 'cartooning and sculpting' workshop at Arlington High School in Memphis...