Terms & Conditions

So, legally we are have to have this Terms & Conditions page. 
And we're thinking, "Man, we're just a bunch of clay folk with a website. What the heck?"

Here goes:
We shall be fair and honest humans and we expect you to be a fair and honest human. 

1. There is no shipping cost to you and we will ship either USPS Priority Mail or FedEx or UPS.
2. We will get out all of the orders as soon as we can. If it's going to be longer than a week, we will call or email you and let you know. We never have Michael's entire inventory in stock all at once and if we don't have what you want then Michael has to make it. Like I said, if it's going to be longer than week...we'll call or email ya.
3. I don't know..."Don't forget to feed your fish"? It's really easy to forget to feed your fish because they don't whine.
4. You know our address now and you can bring us chocolate or smiles at any given time.
5. If something arrives broken then let us know ASAP. Keep your packaging and the damaged item. Michael insures everything and we might want to put in a claim. In any event you will get a replacement.
6. Don't forget that Random Acts of Kindness go a long way to bettering us all.
7. Blessings do Abound!