Suggestion Box


I love this one!

Looks like a giant dice and, when you pick it up, it has a wonderful completely unexpected chiming sound.

Each of the 6 sides of this cube has a suggestion- actually, the six most commonly spoken suggestions in America!

I was once commissioned by a corporate executive to make an ornate 'art' suggestion box because "a consultant said I should appear to willing to take the suggestions of the people that work for me"... I realized pretty quickly that this guy wasn't interested in what anyone else had to offer and I began to think about peoples relationship with the advice of others.

A few minutes of Google later and Voila! Smart & Funny! A great gift for anyone with a desk, table, or flat surface... one size fits all.

The 6 sides are:

Maybe you should Google that?; Why don't you ask for directions?; Blame the dog; Maybe a little more salt; You could let that go; Move it a little to the left


Each Suggestion Box is approx. 4" X 4" X 4".

All of my work is hand sculpted and includes genuine fingerprints... Everything is made of white stoneware and is high-fired. All of the clay, glaze, engobes, oxides and tortillas are completely food safe. All sayings, quips, poetry and wordplay is original and the property of Michael Terra (me; that Mud Poet guy).

And lastly, shipping is free! Yippee, Yippee, Shipping is FREE!

ATTENTION HOLIDAY SHOPPERS!!!...Michael and I will be set up at the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar in Austin, TX again this year. So that means we are out of the studio starting December 12th. You can still order online anytime but if we're in Austin we only have what inventory we brought with us. As always we're happy to accommodate Y'All in the best ways that we can. If you want something very specific then it's best to get that order in before December 10th. Happy Merry!!