• Stream of Cuppishness: Tumblers


    So… the latest and greatest catch from the ocean of ideas are my new rocks glasses and tumblers called “Stream of Cuppishness”!

    These are all about the texture of language that envelopes us from the moment that we wake until the last thing we read as we drift into dreams.

    I’ve been thinking about this fabric- this texture- that wraps around us constantly and wanted to create a visual texture out of language that the glaze would flow in and out of like the play of light on water. It looked pretty neat! Then I took it to the next logical step and deepened the texture so that, almost like Braille, you can feel the texture of the language that you are reading in the tips of your fingers. Much better!

    But, language without content is another form of garbage so, I went ahead and wrote a piece that, as you follow it in a spiral around the glass, is one continuous stream of consciousness… but (after just a little bit more editing) also offers a new philosophy on each successive line going down the cup. The result is an impossibly light, intricate, complex and engaging object ready for everyday use.

    They beg to be handled and people can’t help but spend some serious time with them. In a collection of 5 soft colors; yellow, blue, rose, green, and violet. Dish-washable and microwaveable stoneware.

    Rocks glasses are 14 oz, 4" tall, and 3.5" diameter.

    Tumblers are 23 oz, 7.5" tall, and 3.5" diameter.


    All of my work is hand sculpted and includes genuine fingerprints... Everything is made of white stoneware and is high-fired. All of the clay, glaze, engobes, oxides and tortillas are completely food safe. All sayings, quips, poetry and wordplay is original and the property of Michael Terra (me; that Mud Poet guy).

    And lastly, shipping is free! Yippee, Yippee, Shipping is FREE!