• Postcards From the Inside


    These are terrifically intimate art pieces that speak to people's own personal memories rather than 'telling a story' from outside of their own experience. All of these are original poems and all of them will remind you of completely unique parts of your own life that I don't even know about!  

    Please note that (at the moment) there are 68 different poems that Victoria has typed into the drop down menu above. The program that this website is in won't let her put in commas in the poems so she has used a hyphen (-) to replace all of the commas. That's just the way it is folks and we're going with it...for now. 


    They are exactly the size of a real postcard and are light enough to be hung up with a push pin. Each postcard has a self leveling sawtooth hanger on the back. 

    All of my work is hand sculpted and includes genuine fingerprints... Everything is made of white stoneware and is high-fired. All of the clay, glaze, engobes, oxides and tortillas are completely food safe. All sayings, quips, poetry and wordplay is original and the property of Michael Terra (me; that Mud Poet guy).

    And lastly, shipping is free! Yippee, Yippee, Shipping is FREE!