Four Play


These intense multiple poems started out, as many things do, as a misunderstanding...I was watching my wife and daughter in the kitchen: My wife (at the sink) said something over her shoulder to my daughter (at the butcher block) and whatever it was that my daughter heard- judging from her physical reaction- was clearly NOT what my wife had said!

I started thinking about all the other situations where one word, misheard, changes everything... Next thing you know, I'm composing these wonderful four word poems that work in 16 different combinations! Every time you change one of the words, (by flipping the tile over), you change the whole meaning of the poem - how cool is that?

I have never seen anyone else doing anything else like this anywhere (so far). These will make a great gift for anyone who loves to read or write, anyone who loves puzzles or math, anyone who works in a 'helping' profession or one where clear communication is essential and the primary challenge of the day. You can't be bored by these because you can always change the content into something new for the day!

Because of the durability of the material, these can hang in the house, or on the side of the house (outside).

In the drop down above you may choose a word set...each circular disk has a word on the front and back so the poems are written out as "blank - blank; blank - blank etc.." The first 'blank - blank' is the first disk; the second "blank - blank" is the second disk and so on.


Each Four Play is 11" X 16" and some hang vertically and some hang horizontally.  Each one has a set of self leveling sawtooth hangers on the back. The colors are random!! If you have a specific color that you need then please call us in the studio. 

All of my work is hand sculpted and includes genuine fingerprints... Everything is made of white stoneware and is high-fired. All of the clay, glaze, engobes, oxides and tortillas are completely food safe. All sayings, quips, poetry and wordplay is original and the property of Michael Terra (me; that Mud Poet guy).

And lastly, shipping is free! Yippee, Yippee, Shipping is FREE!