And on this page you will find our wholesale information and the list of galleries and shops that we sell to. 

And yes, we do sell Mud Poetry wholesale. If you are interested in finding out more about our wholesale gig then please follow this link to

We have a nifty webpage there with all of our wholesale information. Here's the deal... You will have to register. Don't worry, it's free and once you are there we are Terra Cottage Ceramics and our ID number is #27851.

If you don't want to register then you can login as a visitor here, YOU WILL NEED TO CONTACT US FOR THE PASSWORD and our ID number is 27851. It's all very secretive and stuff (FYI...we are really covert CIA intel agents and Michael really makes sensitive government equipment for a living). 

Here's that list of galleries and shops that we sell to:

Ah man, it's coming! I wanted to get this website up and running and that list will magically appear real soon. If you want to know if there is a place near you where you can purchase some Mud Poetry please give us a call and we'll make a love connection for you.