And here is where you get to see all of the projects that we are up to.  Who needs sleep, right?! They are in no particular order; you can just scroll down to find one that strikes your fancy.

To always keep in 'the know' of what is going on with the Terras and Terra Cottage Ceramics you can 'friend us' on Facebook. Michael's Facebook page is:  & Victoria's is: Or you can 'like' Terra Cottage Ceramics on Facebook at:

Lower Town Arts & Music Festival:

A really sweet regional arts & music festival that happens in our neighborhood every May. We are former Co-Directors and have graduated ourselves to Artist Committee (Victoria) and Streetscape (Michael). 

The LTAMF website: or on Facebook:

The Empty Bowls Project of Paducah:

This is Michael's baby. The skinny is that many ceramic bowls are made, most of them are glazed by our community, and then there is a one day event where folks get to pick out a handmade bowl and have food put in it for $15. We have about 17 local restaurants that donate food and volunteer their time. For more information visit the Facebook page: And to find out about Empty Bowls worldwide go to wikipedia