…added up to another wonderful weekend.

This past weekend we were at the Lakeview East Festival of the Arts in Chicago. Most of this post is going to be lots of pictures but before I get to the groovy pictures of this school I’ve got a tail for you…

Everytime someone asks us a business card Michael will hand our postcard to them and say, “This is the address that you can send the cookies to.” I know, he’s a goof ball and he’s all mine. So a woman came into our booth that had seen us up in Milwaukee at Morning Glory and she brought us some cookies. Can you believe it!? Ask and you shall receive.

How sweet is that?!

Now at this show there was a school. The school was being used to host a breakfast for the artists every morning and a place where we could use an indoor bathroom. Check out these pictures:

Aren’t these pictures amazing? Imagine what it would be like to go to a school that had so much public art?

At this show the promoter took a block and a landscaping company come in a do this:

There was a big chess board, sandboxes, and all this greenery. And it was all just set up for the weekend.

Great cookies, inspiring art in the school, greenery on the street, and beautiful weather all added up to another wonderful weekend!


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